2017 China plant extract industry international competitiveness enhancement BBS (CNIC)
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The general manager of shaanxi huike plant development co., LTD., together with the elite team, attended the 2017 China plant extract industry international competitiveness improvement BBS sponsored by China medical insurance chamber of commerce, plant lifting bridge media, shaanxi huike plant development co., LTD and other enterprises.

More than 400 representatives from handan municipal government, China medical insurance chamber of commerce, domestic and foreign plant extract industry enterprises and scientific research institutes attended the BBS launch ceremony to share the current and future of China phytotic health industry.

In this BBS, meng dongping, vice President of China chamber of commerce for import and export of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, Shared with us how Chinese plant extract enterprises can set up new brands in the new era health pattern. Meng said that there are more and more products used for food in the export of plant extracts in China, but product innovation is insufficient, the phenomenon of blindly following the trend is widespread, and the whole industry still has "small, scattered and chaotic" development status. The food safety law of China and the FSVP act of the United States usher in a more stringent development environment for the plant lifting industry. While accurately locating, enterprises also need to participate in the construction of plant lifting standards and GEP certification, to shape the new image of China's plant extract industry overseas.

In this BBS, we study the latest product knowledge and actively exchange the latest industry information with the representatives of peer enterprises. There were a lot of customers who came to inquire. Huike plant impressed the customers who came to the booth with a warm attitude, professional product knowledge and good demeanor.

Shaanxi huike plant development co., LTD was selected by China plant extract health industry alliance

At the presentation ceremony held by BBS, shaanxi huike plant development co., ltd. and 23 plant extraction enterprises were selected as one of the representative enterprises of China excellent plant extract industry alliance. China medical and health products import and export chamber of commerce issued the membership certificate for our company.

The plant extract health industry alliance, founded in 2015, aims to bring together high-quality plant extracts from China to distinguish the existing industrial chaos. Through carrying out GEP certification enterprises, the chamber of commerce strictly controls the entry of alliance members, puts product quality and industry reputation in the first place, and takes building high-quality enterprise cluster as the common concept of the chamber of commerce!

Huike plants the elegant demeanor of the exhibition

Shaanxi huike plant development co., LTD is a comprehensive company focusing on plant extract products and services. The company has independent factories, sound equipment, first-class quality and professional sales groups. In scientific and technological innovation, a number of national invention patents. Has been awarded the shaanxi provincial high-tech enterprise certification certificate for many years. The company has nearly 80 registered products and a complete quality management system including HALAL, Kosher, ISO and organic certification.