Chen guanyu, general manager of shaanxi huike, was invited to participate in the first world TCM acupuncture BBS
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Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 19, 2018, the first world TCM acupuncture BBS and traditional medicine industry exchange conference grand opening. Chinese medicine enterprises, research institutes, government agencies and industry organizations from all over the world attended the conference.

Meng Dong flat by Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce, vice President of the Chinese medicine health industry delegation a line of thirty people attending, the delegation is composed of the domestic industry leading enterprises, including step pharmaceutical Zhao Buchang chairman, Kang Chen pharmaceutical AnYuBao chairman and founder tongrentang tongrentang characters, handan and international pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical industry, tianjin in the north of the good times, shaanxi huike, chengdu psychics, the company President at the conference, as a representative of the Chinese medicine health industry become a beautiful scenery line.

Huike plants in shaanxi province development co., LTD. General manager Mr Guan-yu Chen was invited to attend, during meetings with other invited from the Netherlands, Spain, Peru, Australia, Russia, Canada, Argentina and other countries of traditional Chinese medicine industry, head of the organization of traditional Chinese medicine how to obtain further development in Argentina, strengthening China's bilateral exchange of TCM issues such as Argentina has carried on the thorough discussion.After the meeting, Mr Guan-yu Chen and special representative for Argentina's President, general office secretariat, Mr Mariano in-depth talks, my company in overseas development still faces some difficulties and problems of Chinese medicine, and get his warm invitation to Argentina blossom, superior geographical environment will create advantageous conditions for the development of traditional Chinese medicine.