The first fun sports meet: time is not old, youth is hi
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On November 25, the first winter fun sports meeting of shaanxi huike was held successfully in zhouzhi industrial park.

On the sports field, the athletes are passionate, and turn sweat and laughter into power.

All the staff of huike participated in the games, which included relay race, big rope jumping, tug-of-war, shuttlecock kicking and badminton. The purpose is to share the company's health, positive corporate culture, and gather dreams to pursue the future.

The most lovely big family - the wisdom section person

The beautiful time always makes people feel that time passes too fast. Unconsciously, the sports meeting ended in laughter and laughter. In this sports meeting, we have grown up.

This sports meeting not only inspired our team cooperation, the spirit of fighting and fighting for the first place, but also freed us from the pressure of work and relaxed our body and mind. It not only shows the good features of the employees, but also strengthens the team cohesion, makes the company's life more colorful and greatly promotes the construction of the company's corporate culture. We will bring the passion in the competition to our work and make every effort to promote the development of all aspects of the company.