Winter solstices comet is still warm like spring
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Winter solstice on December 22, 2017.

The huinke people who work hard in the warm team are also full of positive energy.

Shaanxi huike plant development co., LTD organized a "dumpling making" activity. Let everyone feel the warmth of home and the atmosphere of traditional culture. On the activity, you pack me to cook, lively like New Year's day.

Everyone gathered together, making dumplings, boil water, all busy. The original style of the dumpling became petals, ingots in your hands, not only that, they also made "lucky dumplings" -- a coin placed in the dumpling to symbolize good fortune in 2017.

After the hot dumplings came out of the pot, we ate the dumplings made by ourselves. They were warm and friendly.

Everyone hopes to put the blessing and family love into this one by one of the feelings of reunion in dumplings. Let our friends feel the warmth of our family and the blessings of the festival. The thick aroma of dumplings made employees forget the chill of winter.

"It's better than dumplings. It's warmer than huike."

Through this activity, the company strengthened the cohesion and centripetal force, so that employees feel more comfortable and the atmosphere is more harmonious. I also realized that huike is a big family with love, love and future in shaanxi.